COVID 19 - Safety Plan
To our wonderful Customers,

Your safety and comfort are always the most important considerations of our business.
Thank you for your incredible support as we continue to adapt our service to challenges presented by pandemic conditions. We continue to strive to safely provide you with sincere care and delicious food, as circumstances develop. Takeout of meals and deli products, as well as catering services, have allowed us to provide experiences for you at home.
We are inspired by a passion for creating beautiful dining experiences at Artusi, and have taken purposeful steps to redesign our restaurant and service systems to continue to do so – as defined by health authority guidance, as well as our own professional integrity and commitment to you.
Artusi has implemented the following measures to further specify and support our pre-existing standards of health and safety:

· We now provide seated dining at 50% room capacity, to create distancing between tables and guests throughout the dining room and accessible spaces
· Menus are single use. We print new ones every day.
· Tables and chairs are disinfected, and all table settings changed between seatings
· Doors, door handles, and all other accessible guest surfaces are disinfected repeatedly and routinely throughout business hours
· Payment devices are sanitized after each use
· Drink garnishes are cut to order with sanitized bartools
· Artusi team members who are sick, or display symptoms of sickness are not permitted to work, and will not return until fully recovered
· Guests exhibiting symptoms of sickness (or have potentially been exposed to sickness) are asked to not dine with us

We continue to responsibly adapt to the ongoing changes of our pandemic circumstance – being responsive to guidance and initiatives from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local health authorities.
Artusi will always prioritize safety, to inspire your full confidence: in the integrity of your surroundings, our quality of food and drink, and warmth of hospitality experience.